CD release of Yvan Petit

Hours and date:
25/04-2017 at 9:00 PM
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Vanessa Lavoie

Vanessa was born and raised in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada in 1994. She is a Country Singer, Songwriter and Composer with a touching and powerful voice. Vanessa started singing at school performances at the young age of 9 years old. Winner of several singing competitions from 2007 to today, she was given professional contracts to sing in different Festivals in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec since 2008. She also sings in various country artists’ album release, shows, events and Galas. She performed at “La Place des Arts” in Montreal, “La Maison de la Culture” and “La Maison du Citoyen” in Gatineau. In 2012, she also performed at the Hot Air Balloons Festival in Gatineau for the opening of the group “Simple Plan” in front of an audience of 90,000, she also sang at the finals of the Leamy Lake Casino Fireworks in Gatineau. She had the chance to sing with renowned musicians such as Allen Bragg, Don Reed, Louis Schryer, and Jeff Smallwood. She has also been interviewed several times with newspapers, magazines, radio stations and television stations. Vanessa has over 500 stage performances and she works real hard to evolve in the music business. Vanessa released her first music album in 2010. Her album was produced by Martin Bedar. The songs on the album are French & English Country/Pop. Vanessa’s talent impressed Sandra Dorion, a renowned singer from the Quebec province, at a point where she invited Vanessa to sing the song on her 1st album “Don’t Turn and Walk Away” on her new album released in 2011.