We here at High Notes Artist Management and our Partnered A.C.E. Agency, (or in Quebec it would be Agence’ A.C.E.) and CEO of A.C.E. Stephane Ritchot will be working together to bring Vanessa, a Country Artist and Song Writer, into the Main Stream.

By signing a management contract with Vanessa, I promised to make her well known through out the U.S.A. And put the right people together to make that happen.

By partnering with Stephane Ritchot and his agency we feel that we on our way of accomplishing our goal.

We also added a booking agent in Colene Walters from Nashville TN. Colene and her company 615 Attractions was another vital piece of what we here at High Notes Artist Agency feel we needed. Colene is a well known Country Artist herself. She was born and raised in Chicago Ill. and moved to Nashville when she was 19 years old to fulfill her dream of becoming a Country singer, and she did just that. Colene performed with some of Nashville’s greatest acts, and also sang ot the famous Grand Ol’ Oprey House.

Colene has booked herself successfully since moving to Nashville. Now she wants to take what she has learned and the contacts that she has made over the years and start booking other Indie and mainstream acts and artists. When Colene heard and met Vanessa in Nashville she made a point to reach out to me to want to become Vanessa’s booking agent.

Being Vanessa’s personal manager I not only feel that I have been putting the right pieces of a great team together to become successful, but also helping Vanessa achieve her dream of becoming a mainstream Country Artist.

Vanessa may be the only artist I work with now, but someday when I have felt that I have succeeded with Vanessa I will take on other artists. I have over 10 years experience in the Music Industry and although mainly as a songwriter, I did work with a few labels and gained contacts through them that have become great friends over the years, along with other people in the music industry that I have met, like radio personal, label A&R’s and other writers, singers and more.

I am part owner and COO of Music Charts Magazine www.musicchartsmagazine.com.

I have written songs that have won awards (over 10) and other songs that have been nominated for awards. So it’s suffice to say, “I don’t take failure lightly” so the people I have met with over the years and became friends with trust me and what I do.

Being trustworthy and loyal has made me who I am today and those who know me will agree when I set my mind to do something, I do it, no matter what!